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    The Hand in Hand Charitable Trust works with children from the Grave-Diggers' community in Bengaluru who have, over the years, been socially and economically deprived, secluded and marginalized. We believe that in order to empower them, it is essential for them to be healthy and well educated and skilled, both vocationally and professionally. This is what we strive to do by building networks and increasing access and availability to educational and health services which have hitherto been beyond their reach. It is our vision and mission therefore, to aid and facilitate the attainment of the community’s highest potential as equal and not disadvantaged members of society, where they can employ their agency, their voices and their choices in affecting positive change, in everything that they undertake to do both for themselves and for their families.


    We have just initiated our first project at the Kalpalli Cemetery in Bengaluru and we invite you to join us in reaching out, contributing towards and teaching the forty children who we now work closely with. Given the ecosystem our children have grown up in, seeing death from such close quarters and because of the various evils, social and otherwise, that hinder their psychological and emotional health and their overall growth trajectory, we deal with each and every one of them on a one - to - one basis and most importantly, ours is an approach steeped in love. Our organisation's aim and tag - line therefore, 'Where Hope Comes Alive' is a testament to this commitment and we really hope you hop on to this bandwagon of change as well.

  • What we do

    Our main educational program is called ‘Rupantara’ where we provide an After - School support system to the children, where they are not only given academic assistance, but are also ensured of a platform to nurture their talent/s through various creative avenues. These add a therapeutic dimension to the intervention we offer; the program stresses on not only helping every individual child build on their academic prowess but also, through experiential teaching approaches and through our activity - based focus, helps them build on their life skills and extra - curricular engagements which are steered towards their holistic growth and development.

    This takes place every single day of the week during the academic year and if you are proficient, especially in Tamil, Maths and Science, and more importantly, if you have time, we would be ever so grateful if you could reach out to us!


    If you are free on Saturdays, please drop by the cemetery between 3 - 5 pm, but do inform us before you do.


    Over time, we also hope to cater to the children's healthcare needs with 'WHCA', our healthcare program, through which we hope to attend to their medical insurance concerns and their immediate nutritional and health needs, of which, needless to say, there are many.


    We are a small team of positive and passionate people and we would quite love for you to join us!


    Hand in Hand is the brain - child of Samuel Gladson, the Program Director, who researched gravediggers' communities for his thesis towards a Masters in Social Work from St.Joseph's College, Bangalore. This is when he chanced upon the many children in these communities who were first - generation learners and in dire need of educational, health and monetary and psychological assistance.

    Gleeda D'Silva, our Director (and Mother Hen Extraordinaire) completed her Masters in Social Work from Nirmala Niketan's School of Social Work in Mumbai and is the driving force behind this very challenging, yet fulfilling project.


    Divya David, our Communications Head, is a graduate from the University of Oxford; Arpitha Francis, our in - house educational expert is a Special Educator who graduated from Christ College and Women's Christian College, Chennai, while Mobin Daniel, our Volunteer Coordinator, works at Ernst and Young and is also a graduate from St. Joseph's College, Bangalore.


    The trustees of the NGO are Stanley and Jayashree David, who founded the trust in February, 2016. Stanley is a Soft Skills Trainer who studied in Loyola College, Chennai, Berhampur University and IIM Calcutta while Jayashree is a certified Interior Designer and a full - time History aficionado.


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